This Weiya is way better


I have been working on a pet project for the past few weeks in a an uncharacteristic burst of writing energy. But in the meantime the Chinese New Year looms closer which means we have entered Weiya ( 尾牙season. A Wei ya is an end of the year party held by companies, much like a Christmas party in the west.

My experience is limited to the party I attended last year in which all the foreign teachers were placed in the table furthest away from the stage and the bulk of the ceremony was conducted in Chinese. It was a bit disheartening.

This year was different, the venue was less cavernous and the foreigners were invited to eat with the colleagues of the schools they work in. Much more logical right? I was also included/required to perform in a strange song and dance number with my coworkers. We were rewarded for our efforts with gifts of lucky money envelopes and gifts at the end.

Here are a few photos of the banquet, while I took photos of the dance performances for blackmail purposes I had already drunk too much wine to take any photos of the games we were encouraged strongly to play. There are a few photos people shared of me, so I included those as well.


February 1, 2015 – The view of the Kaohsiung Central Park and the Wufu and Chonghua traffic circle from the eighth floor of the Talee building banquet hall.


February 1, 2015 – My JOY cram school colleague Nick singing Hsiao Princess (蕭敬騰 王妃) with backup from his friend on the guitar.


February 1, 2015 – Bianca one of the teachers at my school mimics the pop singer a MEI ( 張惠妹).


February 1, 2015 – Maggie, my school manager, holds another teacher’s baby for a photo.


February 1, 2015 – The ChungHwa school dances to an ABBA song.


February 1, 2015 – One of the photo submissions for a game called Copy Cat where you imitate a photo.


February 1, 2015 – The group photo to finish a three-hour banquet for three JOY school locations in Kaohsiung.


February 1, 2015 – This guy just got half naked to imitate a photo of Wolverine from X-men, much to the satisfaction of all the women in the room.


February 1, 2015 – Posing with some balloons and my friend Michelle.


February 1, 2015 – My boss, Christina, sticks out her tongue as her husband hugs a retired teacher.