Wednesday Bike Ride


As per instructions I have been biking my butt off since April 1st for 30 Days of Biking. This has resulted in less photography and writing, much to my chagrin. I have also started baking one day a week for a local expat run bakery so between baking and biking my frazzled short-term memory has been lacking in the eloquence department.

I would like to share a few biking adventures I have had this week. On Monday I set out with a few biking buddies to the touristy night market for an avocado milk (don’t knock it until you try it, it has this amazing custard in it.) Then we rode over to the National Sun-Yatsen University campus to watch ships go by Cijian Island into the canal. While riding home a cat-sized animal surprised me along the dock, it looked a little like a raccoon and it made me research a little to see what it might be. I am guessing coatimundi right now.

On Tuesday I rode over to another night market with my roommate. The juice bar there had some interesting options, particularly the one that offered Japanese potatoes (to help you have larger breasts as a woman.) I opted for some pineapple-kiwi juice in stead.

This past Wednesday as usual I only had two hours of class to teach so I took my camera to work and took an alternate route back. It is unique for me to not be teaching in school at 4 p.m. so I reveled in the daylight and activities taking place I would not ordinarily have the pleasure of seeing.


Sunset over a dangerously large truck for these size roads.


This lady either wants a lot of watermelons or a really big cabbage.


Over in the Yancheng District near Shoushan (Monkey Mountain) there are many temples and a few pineapple carts as well.


Root vegetables for sale roadside: sweet potato, ginger and taro from the looks of it.


The middle school students, especially the boys often cruise home by bike after school.

Students in their natural habitate

A middle school and elementary school let out at 4 p.m. and the entire area is swamped with children going home.

Joy School

This is the school or buxiban I teach English at in the Sanmin District.

Croquet and Sunset

Up north in the Zouying District I saw these Taiwanese grandparents playing croquet in the park.

Jin-Zuan Night Market



On Monday night it is hard to convince anyone to get off the couch, but with the assistance of my stalwart roommates I ventured to Jin-Zuan Night Market.  Kai-Xuan, as someone was kind to point out is the largest night market, then Jin-Zuan is the second largest Kaohsiung night market right next door selling pretty much the same experience.


Here you can play darts and by hitting the balloons. If you hit enough you are eligible for an additional prize of a stuffed animal displayed nearby.


Meanwhile at the fishing pond several young mothers “catch” fish with well bundled children. The temperature here in the winter is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius.)


Above is a hot pot station. Many Taiwanese apartments have minimalist kitchens and I think this is one reason there are many popular restaurant options to cook your own meal. At hot pot the server will bring you your broth and you can request the meat, seafood, vegetables or mushrooms you would like to put in.


A small gambling table, it looks like mahjong tiles but I am still unfamiliar with many of the gambling options.

milklady ringtoss

On the left is a woman working at a fruit milk stand. In Taiwan there are many options to flavor your milk with watermelon, papaya, strawberries or apple juice. My personal favorite is the avocado milk where they add custard to make it even more creamy and decadent. On the right a couple is throwing rings, in the event one goes over a bottle they can pick a prize in that line of bottles.


The stalls stretch on for about a city block, but not all of them are open to all hours. By ten o’clock in the evening many of the clothing and food stalls will have shut down for the night.