My favorite excuse


“I’m sorry I can’t come to your party! I’ll be out of the country.” No apology has ever been more ingenuine, in my opinion. This is my excuse in two weeks when I plan to jet over to Thailand for ten days of Bangkok and beaches.

Following that I have roughly a month and a half left in Taiwan, before heading to Australia for whatever my future holds. It’s a strange limbo as I have watched friend after friend leave the island, and finally it’s my turn and I don’t feel like I have many friends left to celebrate my absence. Which is alright, I have enough personal interactions to distract me, to the point of falling on my face tonight while night running. I never do that.

  1. Issue: new guy I like, that is probably a bad idea and definitely a cruel attachment to form since I plan on leaving.
  2. Issue: my roommate’s girlfriend, friendly, but keeps calling me to ask where her boyfriend is,  if I took her raincoat and can I let her in. Dude, so many reasons not to have a girlfriend.
  3. Issue: renewing my visa in Taiwan, shouldn’t be problematic just red tape and waiting in lines.
  4. Issue: scheduling wisdom teeth removal, I’m terrified of finding a good English-speaking doctor here.
  5. Issue: should I work constantly to save for travel or try to enjoy my last few months in Asia?
  6. Issue: international bank accounts, how and why is it so complicated?
  7. Issue: should I be fading out of my friendships to wean people away from me, or just cold turkey it?

If I’ve learned anything from my research of oral surgery, extraction is difficult and painful. I hope I can handle it with as much poise as possible

Image credit to Jim I'll Paint it.

Image credit to Jim’ll Paint It.