Jinlun Hot Springs


After an action-packed Friday at Yanshui Festival 鹽水蜂炮 being hit by round after round of bottle rockets and sparks. A group headed to Jinlun Hot Springs near Taimali, Taitung to soak away the bruises. 


The train from Kaohsiung takes close to three hours and because we didn’t plan ahead we bought ‘No Seat’ tickets where you can stand or slump in the last car of the train.IMG_3705 

After observing the sunset on the train we disembarked and headed up to the Jinlun village for a snack on fry bag. Then we walked on the country road until we hit a small hot springs lodge, the pools were unfilled but we were assured they could be filled in 18 minutes. 

The pool was large and we had it all to ourselves, a private hot springs tub at the edge of the jungle. As the night set in the sounds of frogs and other nocturnal animals soothed us as we wallowed in the hot water. 


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